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NetRush Development Statistics – 2014/01/04

I’m beginning this new year with a lot of work and interesting progress going on and it just occurred to me that it would be interesting to note some statistics about NetRush’s development so far. Keep in mind that: Some code and some data of this version (4th) of NetRush was extracted from the previous […]

In Node Orbit

Lets get back to the development of NetRush from now on. Here is a quick update on the feature I’m currently focusing on. One of the important decisions I made for NetRush was that the Zone’s mesh (the “map” topology, a graph made of nodes and links between them) would have “no up nor down”.

Post-Mortem: 1 Year Full-Time Developing My Own Projects

In the middle of July 2013 I got back to France as unemployed (I was working in Japan before, to make some iOS games). Unemployment in France, if you worked long enough before getting in this situation, is a good opportunity to start a new company as you are paid a part of your previous […]

End Of The Line

I’ve been working full-time on NetRush and Art Of Sequence for 1 year and I’ve achieved a lot but not enough yet to make relevant publications. Working full-time on these projects (in particular on NetRush) was made possible thanks to France’s unemployment fee allowing me to spend time preparing for setting up a company while […]