Drawing At Compile-Time

Sometimes, at my day-job, when waiting for the computer to process code sometimes for hours, I like to read technical articles, to keep my mind awake. Other times, my left brain makes my right brain dream and I don’t even realise I’m drawing some characters on paper. I guess my body feels the need for artistic expression and I’m forced to release some steam regularly while my mind does what I call “stand-alone brainstorm”.

Here are some of these recent drawings. Sorry if it’s not polished, it’s not meant to be.








  • Meso

    Maybe reviewing makefiles and all to speed-up compilations may be a better idea (at least for your company)

    As for me, well….
    When idle, i tend to do some internet surfing :p

    • http://www.klaimsden.net Klaim

      They are obviously loosing a lot of money :D Scons and the global architecture of the project and the server-based builds just are the worst case of C++ compilation. They know it, we already told them.


      When I Idle I first read programming (or dev-related) articles to keep my mind rolling in the same domain. Then after some time without any way to get back to work ( v___v;;;; ) I automatically start thinking a lot about a lot of things and then draw mecanically without even realising I’m drawing.